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Heliconia Sampler at the Rio Claro Farm in Jamundi, Colombia.
1. Caribaea Purple

2. Caribaea Gold

3. Caribaea Yellow Ice

4. Caribaea Lemon Drop

4A. Bhijai Lemon Ice

4B. Champaniana Splash

4C. Mayan Gold

4D. Peach Pink

5. Caribaea Barbados

6. Caribaea Richmond Red

7. Criswick

8. Jaquinni

9a. Aurea

9b. Gran Papa

10. Aurea Red

11. Claw II

12. Lobster

12A. Claw I

13. Wagneriana Chubby

14. Wagneriana Gold

14A. Wagneriana Turbo

15. Orthotricha Rainbow

16. Orthotricha Scarlet

17. Orthotricha Black

17A. Orthotricha Eden Pink

17B. Orthotricha She Pink

18. Sexy Pink

19. Sexy Strawberry

20. She Kong Vino

21. Rostrata

22. Platystachys

22A. Grissiana

23. Rauliniana

24. Calathea Luctea

25. Calathea Crotalifera

26. Golden Opal

26A. Opal Red

27. Opal Cream

28a. Dorada Gold

28b. Victoria

29. Ginger Red

30. Ginger Pink

32. Mussa Coccinea

33. Ginger Shampoo

34. Paycon Green

36. Tulip

37. Psittacorum Sassy

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