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Heliconia Sampler at the Rio Claro Farm in Jamundi, Colombia.

Colombian Heliconias

Our company was incorporated on September 1, 2002 by a group of farms that have been producing heliconias since 1998, as well as other types of exotic flowers and tropical fruits during the last 40 years.

The finest weather conditions throughout the year, allows the farming of all types of exotic heliconias and harvest the most exquisite fresh cut flowers in the region. We are proudly known as the farm that grows the most beautiful Heliconia flowers in the Valle del Cauca region. With our current production, we can provide Heliconias, other flowers and foliage, to the local and global marketplace, all year round.

Our farm is located only 25 minutes away from Cali's international airport linked to Miami and Europe through daily cargo flights. We also ship through Bogotá's international airport, which handles the shipping of over 30,000 boxes of flowers daily to world wide destinations. This large volume ensures Colombia's comparatively low air freight rates.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality fresh cut flowers for the marketplace, which we are in the capacity to achieve given our abundant land and water resources, skilled workers and a team of experts that monitor the entire process of the flower, from its inception to your hands.

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