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You can place an order or request a quote, based on the selection you make of the type of flowers and the quantities you require by filing the form and submitting it to Colombian Heliconias.

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Please select the type of Flower and quantity:

Please be sure to click on the box (checkbox in front of the name) to select the type of Heliconia flower(s) and select the quantity (by the box). To assure the proper processing of your request, please be sure to make both selections.

Note: You can only select "eight" types of flowers per form, when placing an order or requesting a quote. If you need to add more types of flowers, please complete and submit the form and return to submit an additional form later. Please explain in comments below (at the bottom of form), if necessary.

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General Information:

Once we receive your request, we will review it and e-mail you a formal quote, which will include FOB prices depending on the country of delivery and to the closest port/airport of destination. The Client agrees to purchase the flowers according to the types and quantities requested and Colombian Heliconias agrees to deliver them FOB once payment has been received in full, either by the company or any of its representatives abroad. Upon credit approval, we may deliver with a 50% deposit (deposits are non-refundable). All balances are due 30 days prior to delivery and paid in cash or by cashiers check.

We will provide you in time with the necessary payment information.

For further information, please contact us at your convenience.

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For detail information about each flower, please click on its image.

1-Caribaea Purple  RCH01  2-Caribaea Gold  RCH02 
3-Caribaea Yellow Ice  RCH03  4-Caribaea Lemon Drop  RCH04 
5-Caribaea Barbados  RCH05  6-Caribaea Richmond Red  RCH06 
7-Criswick  RCH07  8-Jaquinni  RCH08 
9a-Aurea  RCH09a  9b-Gran Papa  RCH09b 
10-Aurea Red  RCH10 

Click on images for details 

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11-Claw II  RCH11  12a-Lobster Big

12b-Lobster Medium

13a-Wagneriana Chubby Big
13b-Wagneriana Chubby Medium

14a-Wagneriana Gold Big

14b-Wagneriana Gold Medium

15a-Orthotricha Rainbow Big
15b-Orthotricha Rainbow Medium

16a-Orthotricha Scarlet Big
16b-Orthotricha Scarlet Medium

17-Orthotricha Black  RCH17  18-Sexy Pink  RCH18 
19-Sexy Red  RCH19  20-Sexy Scarlet  RCH20 
21-Rostrata  RCH21  22-Platystachys  RCH22 
23-Rauliniana  RCH23  24-Calathea Luctea  RCH24 
25-Calathea Crotalifera  RCH25  26-Golden Opal  RCH26 
27-Opal Cream  RCH27  28a-Dorada Gold  RCH28a 
28b-Victoria  RCH28b  Back to Top
29-Ginger Red  RCH29  30-Ginger Pink  RCH30 
31-Ginger White  RCH31  32-Mussa Coccinea  RCH32 
33-Ginger Shampoo  RCH33  34-Paycon Green  RCH34 
35-Paycon Red  RCH35  36-Tulip  RCH36 
37-Psittacorum Sassy  RCH37  38-Psittacorum Lady Di  RCH38 
39-Psittacorum Strawberry  RCH39  40-Psittacorum Yellow  RCH40 

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